When the vision of the Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry began to take shape, our focus was to teach the men of Harrisburg, Liberia new ways to farm–to sow seeds.  To provide opportunities for the women, we later had a vision to teach them to sew.  The seed blossomed into the Harrisburg Women’s Empowerment Center, named in honor of Dr. Linda Crowell and Rev. Cathy Ake who conceived the project. 

This led to a sewing school that teaches the skills needed to make simple items on the treadle machines, and to make complex garments that require using an electric sewing machine to create the fancy and elaborate designs. Now, the center makes school uniforms to sell to the Liberia Farmer to Farmer school parents and others in the community. 

Teach a woman to sew and she can provide clothes for her family and income for her household. –Dr. Linda Crowell

Sew with Us

We need industrial sewing machines and people who are able to help instruct students on the basics of sewing.  A new heavy-duty treadle machine costs $100 USD.