Why Focus on Farming?

The Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry team believes in targeting areas of greatest need. By training Liberian farmers to use more-advanced implements and expand the methods and crops that they plant, Liberia will be better able to meet its own food needs and become less dependent on world largesse. Helping each farmer realize a maximum capacity can lead to sustaining family needs and creating crops to sell.

Rich and fertile soil of Harrisburg, Liberia


Grow with Us!

Farmers and others who have knowledge and skills in agriculture are invited to help the people of Harrisburg grow crops such as cassava, corn, and other vegetables and staples. Join us on a mission trip to see and experience firsthand the many ways we can help the people improve their yield.  Or donate money for seeds.


With our layers in full production averaging a thousand eggs per day, we could capture between 10 to 15 percent of the Monrovia market while fulfilling our Harrisburg demand.

Pig Farming

We are now embarking on a project to raise pigs.  As the ministry continues to explore opportunities to teach the people and generate income, this project will enable this. This cost-effective ministry will provide an opportunity to purchase, grow, and produce more pigs to sell to provide income to support the ministry.  

Raise Animals with Us with Us

Donate any amount to purchase animals, food, and care.