Why Focus on Farming?

The Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry team believes in targeting areas of greatest need. By training Liberian farmers to use more-advanced implements and expand the methods and crops that they plant, Liberia will be better able to meet its own food needs and become less dependent on world largesse. Helping each farmer realize a maximum capacity can lead to sustaining family needs and creating crops to sell.

Grow with Us!

Farmers and others who have knowledge and skills in agriculture are invited to help the people of Harrisburg grow crops such as cassava, corn, and other vegetables and staples. Join us on a mission trip to see and experience firsthand the many ways we can help the people improve their yield.  Or donate money for seeds.

POULTRY AND PIGGERY*image33*jpg?alt=media&token=e30e566b-374e-4aee-9964-2fb4dc709087
Rich and fertile soil of Harrisburg, Liberia

FIRST FRUITS*image35*jpg?alt=media&token=6b8d2fd5-7184-40e2-a99a-72f59a37bf46*image1*jpg?alt=media&token=1ab78828-6bd7-4569-a505-a791c1de0887*image36*jpg?alt=media&token=67262d99-e783-45dd-b05a-d45b1cae4026
With our layers in full production averaging a thousand eggs per day, we could capture between 10 to 15 percent of the Monrovia market while fulfilling our Harrisburg demand.*image23*jpg?alt=media&token=d1c414a5-f045-4e08-a2c9-57db41092e6e

Pig Farming

We are now embarking on a project to raise pigs.  As the ministry continues to explore opportunities to teach the people and generate income, this project will enable this. This cost-effective ministry will provide an opportunity to purchase, grow, and produce more pigs to sell to provide income to support the ministry. 

Women's Empowerment Center

When the vision of the Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry began to take shape, our focus was to teach the men of Harrisburg, Liberia new ways to farm–to sow seeds.  To provide opportunities for the women, we later had a vision to teach them to sew.  The seed blossomed into the Harrisburg Women’s Empowerment Center, named in honor of Dr. Linda Crowell and Rev. Cathy Ake who conceived the project. 

This led to a sewing school that teaches the skills needed to make simple items on the treadle machines, and to make complex garments that require using an electric sewing machine to create the fancy and elaborate designs. Now, the center makes school uniforms to sell to the Liberia Farmer to Farmer school parents and others in the community.*image4*png?alt=media&token=a3c4b156-eea2-4fad-870e-00433197e9e7*image5*jpg?alt=media&token=790578b9-5492-4e73-a9d3-82cfa0b719c0

Teach a woman to sew and she can provide clothes for her family and income for her household. –Dr. Linda Crowell

Sew with Us

We need industrial sewing machines and people who are able to help instruct students on the basics of sewing.  A new heavy-duty treadle machine costs $100 USD.*sewing-machine-scaled*jpg?alt=media&token=a0ee8e76-815c-4d09-a72e-cf1fd9f96303

Girls of Promise*image13*jpg?alt=media&token=63015668-7fd9-4b23-80b4-937bd7ac6ac5

Girls of Promise provides scholarships for girls in the Harrisburg area.  Since parents often lack money to pay for young girls to go to school, all too often they are kept home to help their mothers care for the house and their siblings.  This scholarship covers costs for school fees, uniforms, and supplies and enables young girls to attend school.  They are provided with supports and mentors who encourage them to stay in school. Some of the girls are learning to sew in the Women’s Empowerment Center while others are learning about agriculture.

Help us keep the Promise

Scholarships of $50 USD can support a girl for a year. Each donor is expected to support a girl for grades 1-6 for a total of $300 USD.*image6*jpg?alt=media&token=8ce1fedf-4587-4f18-9a5e-66a9052564c2


St. John’s Elementary School

The Elementary school was the brainchild of Cora Ricks, now principal and administrator.  She noticed the many children of the St. John United Methodist Church who did not go to school.  She presented the idea to start the elementary school in the church which soon outgrew that space and soon outgrew a second structure. A new school, the St. John Elementary School, was built to serve grades K-6.  A new class is added each year until the school reaches grade 6. 


To accommodate the students who move forward to grades beyond the elementary school, a junior high school is in progress to meet in a wing of the new high school.

Miraculous Expectations Campaign 

Through the vision of Pryde Bass, the Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry embarked on constructing a high school in Harrisburg.  Engaging in a Miraculous Expectations Campaign, potential donors were asked to help provide a place for the young people of Harrisburg to get an education in their own community without having to walk nearly 3 hours to school each day or not have to live in the capital of Monrovia-meaning their families have to pay room and board and transportation.  The vision has been realized to construct the building.  The ministry is now in the process of furnishing the classrooms and the building.*image8*jpg?alt=media&token=27a0a115-a5a8-42a2-9eeb-73fc832dadcd*image9*png?alt=media&token=83eae37c-4718-435f-bb61-3a679a50a7b1

Help Us Educate

Donations are needed for school equipment, school supplies, scholarships, teacher support, and upkeep of the facilities.  Donations can be designated for these areas or undesignated for the general operations of the schools.

Please consider donating

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