COMMUNITY INVESTMENT*image2*jpg?alt=media&token=659083ee-713b-4807-b936-3e9215b6ecba

As part of their investment and commitment, the people of Harrisburg donated 37 acres of land to the Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry. They also made bricks and provided their services in the construction of the projects.*image3*jpg?alt=media&token=670413c7-55f4-48e3-8ecd-d851a63fb908
Pryde Bass and Otterlee Diggs holding a copy of the deed.

Our Partner
St. John United Methodist Church

Much of the work of the Liberia Farmer to Farmer Ministry grew out of the St. John United Methodist Church which was the first site of the farm and the impetus for the schools. Rev. Rodney Williams and members continue to support and undergird this ministry.*image34*jpg?alt=media&token=183ad23b-8b58-40eb-9451-a0c2f14972a2
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